Resonating and Connecting to Deities

· Egypt,Blog

Many people look up to deities or divine beings to support their daily lives, by way of receiving blessings, protection and other forms of support from significant matters to the mundane. For some, those qualities that the deity emanates are the very qualities that one desires to achieve and thus following the deity becomes the pathway for enlightenment or spiritual evolution. Others may have had very mystical experience with divine beings in the physicality or on the inner planes causing them to expand with love, to feel strong emotions and experience oneness. There are even some that have regular conversations, those that are pure of heart and open-minded are able to enjoy the full experience of expanding their consciousness with the light and wisdom of their favorite deities. And there are likely even more experiences that we will not name here, we are all of the above and more while enjoying our unique connection to a great many deities.

It is our sovereign and divine right that allows us to have direct relationships with any deity. There is no real need for an interpreter, all the notions of not understanding and not being good enough are man-made that limit and create barriers that would otherwise be a very natural connection.

We are spiritual beings, there is no separation and we are One in Spirit with all that is and all beings. Namaste.