Our Potential and Purpose

· Poetry,Blog,Self-Mastery

Many settle and resign to a life of mediocrity

Wiling their hopes and dreams away

Caught up with life's realities

Believing in the illusions of systems, institutions and marketing

In the process, losing innocence and resilience

Giving away their power and their potential to impact

The Self and the love for Self is neglected

The limited Self acts from fear when our infinite nature forgotten

Mountains can be moved just by shifting our perception

Where we pay our attention is how our world is created

Future can be shifted by viewing the past as the current

By changing our attitude, all timelines can be remediated

We are energy and the source of energy

We are light and the source of light

We are void and the source of all expressions

We are the Source in the beginning and the end

We are individuals learning through the experience of duality

Returning to oneness, the source within us is the final destination

As a community, returning to love and oneness will mean

Discovering that our collective potential and our ascension is already destined