To Be or Not To Be

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Y: What is the purpose of the universe beside existence?

G: Experience of being and not being at the same time. Perfection being void and expression at the same time, the nothing that contain everything.

Y: What is the purpose of the void beside non-existence?

G: Separation and oneness exist together, they are with each other always. It is just like when you activate darkness, it is a form of light. When you activate silence, you are still producing sound. They are the same thing but in dual position as existence and non-existence. It is only through duality that we see the difference, and when we recognise and abandon the limitation of duality we enter the Absolute and all that is within it.

Y: What is the point of observing from the now or the past?

G: It is like looking at a far star that is millions of years in the past from you that no longer existing in the now. In this case, the existence and non-existence is only a point of observation. Now take all points of observation that ever was and ever will be, and see it all in the same dimension at the same time. That is the quality of Absolute being and not being.